a short eulogy

"In my youth, long before you," she said, quietly, "we ranged across the earth and destroyed anything men built. We were jealous creatures and cruel gods, and full of hate."
"In those days the earth lived and breathed. Gods and men fed the earth with blood and body. It could swallow us whole, should it deign to. Sometimes it did. It was a thing of cold indifference then." She inclined her head and the white veil of her hair advanced, slipped quickly over her shoulder, and pooled in her lap.

"Now it is only a thing."

a basic lesson in old-era violence

no pictures to go with this one, sorry. u-u This is boring stuff dealing with the True and their effects in the Hestian region. The next one will be more fashion or something more interesting.

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Hestian traditional fashion for dudes

So after I made that post I decided to sit down and design some real clothes for these people. No longer shall they pose naked in white voids. Now they shall pose in white voids dressed in an unholy dubstep mashup of Persian-Napoleonic-Scottish-Highland-Japanese dress, complete with celtic knotwork. And women’s shoes from the 80s.

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Land Selkies!

This post is about Ash Brides, which exist in the same universe as the True Kings. I want to make a chart of which universes my characters belong to and which universes are connected some day. Sorry, I don’t have a picture to make up for this gratuitous text dump.

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True Kings

Ainmere is in this post! Because I feel very guilty for making a text dump with no art. Even though this is a storythings/”headworld” blag. Presumably, if this blog has followers it’s because of the art and not because of the text posts. I promise to hide all text dumps behind cuts.

I never remember his goddamn freckles! Okay, so, Ainmere is True.

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